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Dog Nursing & First Aid

Take Care of the Needs of Your Puppy

Puppies are energetic bundles of joy that can frequently get into unforeseen situations that warrant owning a dog first aid kit. At Pet Shop Direct we stock a range of dog first aid items and nursing products for puppies and mothers. We sell wound cleansers, lectade rehydration, bandages which are ideal for when your dog is sick or injured, and can be great to keep on hand for emergencies. We also have puppy milk formulas, bottles, teats, syringes, and heat mats for nursing young puppies.

Why Do You Need a Substitute?

Puppies usually receive the nutrients and antibodies they need from their mother’s milk. But what happens when the mother’s milk is limited, they can’t supply it or you have orphaned puppies? That’s where puppy milk replacement comes in. Milk replacer provides dogs with a high intake of vitamins, minerals, beneficial fats and other nutrients necessary for their healthy development. Wombaroo dog milk replacer is one of the best as it is specifically formulated to match the composition of the mother milk and is easy to use. But what if you need dog first aid?

Expect the Unexpected

When your dog is a puppy, he is a clumsy ball of energy, which can sometimes lead to unfortunate accidents. A dog first aid kit is an indispensable accessory in any responsible pet owner's cabinet, and its presence can save you from potential unpleasantness. Did your dog hurt his paw while falling off the couch? Or maybe he scratched himself while running around the yard. It is a great idea to keep items such as bandages, rehydration liquids, cleansing solutions and styptic powders on hand just in case they are needed.  Pet Shop Direct can offer you whatever you may need. From rat & mouse toiletries and bedding to cat shampoo and electric clippers, our selection of products is diverse, and our prices are unbeatable.

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