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Green Parrot Stainless Steel


Green Parrot Stainless Steel Cages

Using the highest quality materials & design innovation, Green parrot cages are made from medical grade 304 Stainless Steel, and are designed stronger and more durable than any other cage on the market. Designed in Australia to meet the standards bird keepers have been asking for. All metal parts are 100% 304 grade Stainless steel, this includes the nuts and bolts and bird proof spring loaded locks. Heavy duty gauge stainless steel is used for the trays and our heavy duty wheels have been braced and re-inforced, so cages can be moved around without metal fatigue unlike every other cage on the market. Other features include our Bird Proof feeding bowls, which stop birds pulling out or emptying  the food bowls.

Our most innovative feature is our custom playgym. Playgym can be removed from the top of the cage , and comes with mutiple interchangeable toys and features. Spinning treat and toy holders, Interchangeable swings, climbing tree toy, and all 304 medical grade stainless steel. It comes with wood perches that are designed to be removed for easy cleaning or replacement. This really is the most innovative Cage & Play Gym for parrots that will be available to Australian customers very soon...



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