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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Cages & Hutches

The Necessity of Guinea Pig Cages and Rabbit Hutches

When it comes to keeping small animals, it is essential to provide them with a home they will safe and happy in. Not only do small animals need plenty of space to be healthy and happy, but they also require secure and comfortable housing. An indoor rabbit or guinea pig cage should include sufficient space for the animal to roam freely. Outdoor cages allow them access to fresh air and sunshine while allowing you to observe your pet in their natural environment. By investing in a quality rabbit or guinea pig hutch, you can rest assured that your small furry friend will be safe, happy and well looked after.

Indoor or Outdoor Solutions: Which is Best?

The short answer is that both indoor and outdoor cages for guinea pigs or bunnies can be extremely helpful depending on a few factors. When deciding on where to house your pet, you should carefully consider space available, the weather conditions of your area, and any other factors that may affect your pet's well-being. Generally speaking, an outdoor hutch provides more space, outdoor stimulation and safety from potential predators. However, an indoor rabbit hutch can be more manageable in terms of cleaning, keeping a watchful eye on your pet and ideal for those without outdoor space.

The Benefits of Long-Lasting Pet Products

We offer a large variety of cages and hutches made out of quality materials to keep your pet safe. The larger wooden hutches are made out of safe FIR wood and have waterproof roofing making them ideal for outdoors. We have metal and plastic hutches which can be easier to keep clean and are great for housing both indoor and outdoor pets. We also have C & C cage sets which allow you to build custom cages for your guinea pigs. We only provide products of the best quality including our aquariums & fish tanks, bird cages, feeders & waterers, reptile starter kits and light fittings. With so many available products, you can easily find what you need for your little friend!

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