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Advance Sensitive All Breed Chicken & Rice 410g


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Advance Sensitive All Breed Chicken & Rice 410g

A complete and balanced diet designed to promote skin and coat health, for dogs with dietary sensitivity.

Helps Strengthen the Immune System

ADVANCE contains a unique blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Taurine and plant extracts containing carotenoids (Lycopene and Lutein). These selected ingredients have been clinically proven to increase the level of antioxidants in your pet. Antioxidants are essential for your pet's cellular repair and are a natural defence against Australia's harsh climatic conditions.

Shiny Coat & Healthy Skin

ADVANCE contains enhanced levels of zinc and linoleic acid. Studies have shown supplementing the diet with additional zinc and linoleic acid helps improve skin & coat condition. Enhanced coat lustre and softness helps your pet look their best.

Nutrifibre™ Smaller Firmer Stools

A patented combination of fermentable fibre (beet pulp, FOS – Fructo-oligosaccharides) that acts as a prebiotic which promotes healthy bacteria (bifidobacteria, lactobacillus) in the gut, resulting in fewer, firmer stools.

Helps Maintain Urinary Tract Health

Feeding studies have clinically proven ADVANCE reduces the risk of lower urinary tract disease (LUTD), with controlled levels of minerals and high digestibility, to promote the production of increased volumes of slightly acidic urine. Australian pets need to rehydrate more regularly to manage optimal water turnover.

Skin Sensitivity

Alternative sources of high quality fish proteins along with increased levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and a synergistic vitamin cocktail are beneficial in the management of skin sensitivity.

Chicken; rice; gelling agents; minerals (tri-calcium phosphate, zinc sulphate, manganese sulphate, potassium iodide); vegetable oil; fish oil; vegetable fibre; choline chloride; inositol; L-histidine; taurine; vitamins (B3, E, C, B5, B1, B9, B6, D, B12); plant extracts (marigold powder, tomato powder, lucerne meal).

No added artificial colours, flavours & preservatives

Nutrient                         per 100g Grams per 1000kcal
Crude Protein    7.40%   65.8g
Crude Fat  8.80% 77.9g
Ash  2.67% 23.7g
Salt (as NaCI)  0.30% 2.7g
Calcium  0.52% 4.6g
Phosphorus  0.48% 4.3g
Soluble Fibre  0.12% 1.1g
Insoluble Fibre  0.14% 1.3g
Zinc  0.02% 0.18g
Linoleic acid  1.54% 14g
Vitamin E  168 IU 1683 IU
Vitamin C  1mg 9mg
Taurine  0.10% 0.83g
Lycopene  1µg 8.3µg
Average Metabolisable Energy 120kcals/100g

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