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Aqua One AquaLube Silicone Lubricant 5g| Enlarge

Aqua One AquaLube Silicone Lubricant 5g


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Aqua One AquaLube Silicone Lubricant 5g

Product Description

AquaLube extends the life of o-rings, impellers and other moving parts by lubricating the shafts, preventing them from becoming dry or getting stuck. 

  • Easy to use
  • Extends the life of parts in your aquarium
  • Minimises aquarium maintenance

Recommended to use in any aquarium with o-rings and impellers. 


1. Remove o-ring from seat.

2. Ensure o-ring has no damage. Replace o-ring if damage is detected.

3. Wash o-ring with clean water and dry.

4. Put a small drop of AquaLube on the o-ring and smear if over the entire surface. 


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