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Aqua One Micro Pad (Self Cut)


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Super fine pad that removes microscopic particles also know as polishing the water, leaving your aquarium crystal clear. 

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Aqua One Micro Pad (Self Cut)

Product Description

Aqua One Micropad is a tightly woven mechanical filter pad designed for removing fine / coarse free floating particles from your aquarium. This prevents the biological media from becoming clogged decreasing the risk of disease and stress on the fish. It also ensures crystal clear water.

Suitable for Fresh (Coldwater or Tropical) or Saltwater use.

Aqua One Filter Pads give the user the ability to cut and shape their pads to suit any filtration systems.

Aqua One Micro Pad can be Rinse and reuse. Replace when deteriorated.

Micro Pad measures 25.4cm W x 45.7cm H.


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