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Aquamanta Canister Filter EFX 1000U



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Aquamanta Canister Filter EFX 1000U

Product Description

The Aquamanta EFX 1000U is an external filtration system that is quiet and reliable. It contains a self priming pump which provides a hassle free setup. EFX 1000U consist of a UV steriliser that helps control free floating nuisance algae (green water). The ceramic noodles, ceramic substrate and sponges included in the system provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. The quick release tap system allows for fast mess free maintenance.

Suitable for Coldwater, Tropical and Marine fish.

Dimensions: 54cmL x 32cmW x 35cmH.

Specs: Volt: 220-240V AC: 50Hz, Wattage: 31W, Flow Rate: 1000L/hr, Aquarium volume: 300L, Max. head height: 1.5m

Warranty: 2 + 1 Years


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