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Aquananos Air Drive Octagon Filter Small| Enlarge

Aquananos Air Drive Internal Octagon Filter Small


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Aquananos Air Drive Octagon Filter Small

Product Description

For its excellent filtration capacity and reliability as well as unique design, the AQUANANOSTM Octagon Filter Air Drive is the first choice by professional fish breeders and owners of aquarium shops in Japan. The AQUANANOSTM Octagon Filter Air Drive boasts a large surface area of the 3-layer PET filter material compactly folded in the frame of the easy-to-replace cartridge. The AQUANANOSTM Octagon Filter Air Drive provides gentle but thorough filtration that healthy goldfish require. It is also ideal for incubation and hospital aquariums.

Aquananos Air Drive Corner Filter Small filters up to 25 Litres per hour.

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