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Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Marine Salt 25kg Bucket| Enlarge

Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Marine Salt 25kg Bucket



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Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Marine Salt 25kg Bucket

Product Description

Instant Ocean is a synthetic sea salt and contains all of the major, minor and trace elements necessary, ideal for all types of aquarium.

It does not contain nitrates or phosphates.

It was developed in the course of extensive biological and chemical experimentation, Each ingredient used in the composition of Instant Ocean is carefully selected and tested and each batch is analysed in order to ensure uniformly superior quality.

Exceptional solubility, uniform particle size and high quality packaging have made Instant Ocean the first choice of tropical fish hobbyists for more than 45 years.

Instant Ocean is the most popular marine salt brand in the world.

Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Element levels at different salinities:
1020: Calcium: 315 mg/l, Magnesium: 1000 mg/l, CH: 7.8°d
1022: CalCium: 350 mg/l, Magnesium: 1140 mg/l, CH: 8.4°d
1024: CalCium: 390 mg/l, Magnesium: 1215 mg/l, CH: 8.5°d

2 kg for 60 litres
4 kg for 120 litres
25 kg for 750 litres

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