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Arcadia Pure Sun Bird Lighting UVB Globe E27 20w| Enlarge

Arcadia Pure Sun Bird Lighting UVB Globe E27 20w


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Arcadia Pure Sun Bird Lighting UVB Globe E27 20w


  • Produces excellent natural colours and iridescence.
  • 2.4% UVB and 30% UVA for optimal avian use.
  • Improves feeding and breeding behaviour.
  • Electronic – zero flicker, even to the eyes of the bird.

For over 20 years Arcadia Bird has designed and made the very finest bird lighting technology, all with the aim of improving the welfare of pet birds kept in the home. Arcadia Bird lamps are now available for use worldwide.

Birds use the energy within the ultraviolet spectrum in amazing ways. The correct provision of UV-A allows for the activation of full-colour vision in birds. This means less stress, better feeding and easy, natural mate selection. Without access to UV-A birds simply cannot perceive the amazing array of natural colours that their development allows for. Being able to see in this incredible rainbow of colours helps birds find mates, essential for breeders of pet birds.

Birds also use UV-B to create within their bodies naturally essential vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is essential within the body but it is also the ‘catalyst’ to mineral assimilation, storage and use. Without enough D3 calcium simply passes through the body as unused. The good news is, that birds can easily manufacture and self-regulate D3 in their own bodies after correct exposure to UV-B, especially when the light is balanced within the whole terrestrial UV spectrum.

Arcadia Pure Sun Bird Lighting UVB Globe E27 20w allows birds to see in colour, allows for the natural production of vitamin D3, increases feather condition, helps to reduce feather plucking and aids in mate selection and reproduction. PureSun-Compact will also allow you as the keeper to view your pet bird in the most natural light, usually seeing colours that are not visible under standard home lighting.

PureSun-Compact uses the very finest in German Phosphor technology to project a crisp, bright, high CRI light that is well balanced in UV. PureSun-Compact is totally flicker free, has UV-C protection and a host of internal electronic protections built in.

PureSun-Compact can be used for all species of small and medium sized bird kept out of direct unfiltered daylight in quality E27 reflected lamp holders.

Activates colour vision

Provides vitamin D3

Increases Calcium stores

Improved breeding

Fitter, stronger birds

Flicker free

Re-designed and improved

12 month UV life.

High quality Bird lighting since 1999

Globe Information:

Wattage 20W

UV-B 2.4%

UV-A 30%

Fitting E27 screw

Kelvin 5800K

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