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Aristopet Repti Mist 250mL| Enlarge

Aristopet Repti Mist 250mL


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Aristopet Repti Mist is now rebranded as Aristopet Skin Conditioner Spray for Reptiles (available HERE)

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Aristopet Repti Mist 250mL

Product Description

Repti Mist is specifically formulated to condition the skin of reptiles and amphibianswhich normally inhabit lush tropical environments. Repti Mist also assists in the shedding of old skin in Snakes or Lizards by moisturizing and lubricating the skin allowing it to gently slough away. Regular misting with Repti Mist helps maintain a high humidity in Terrariums similar to the natural environment of Frogs, Green Iguanas and other tropical reptiles. The formulation contains non-toxic, biodegradable moisturizers and is safe for all types and ages of reptiles.

For Moisturizing: Use as often as required to keep skin moist and healthy.

For Skin Shedding: Spray evenly over entire body, legs and tail. Ensure to spray sin folds and around eyes. Apply every 24 hours during shedding.


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