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Australian Pet Supplies Aquarium Salt 4kg| Enlarge

Australian Pet Supplies Aquarium Salt 4kg


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Aquarium Salt

  • Reduces Sress
  • Replaces lost electrolytes
  • Helps maintain general fish health.
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Australian Pet Supplies Aquarium Salt 4kg

Product Description

Australian Pet Supplies Aquarium Salt helps to maintain general health and well being of freshwater fish. Freshwater fish require slight amounts of salt in the water between 0.1% and 0.3% to replenish vital electrolytes for absorbing oxygen. Australian Pet Supplies Aquarium Salt can also help to aid in the treatment of some common ailments and denitrify the aquariumwater.


Add at a rate of 10 grams of Aquarium Salt to 20 Litres of aquarium water. Put Aquaium Salt in to a container and add some aquarium water to dissolve salt. Then add to Aquarium. Repeat when changing water only dosing the amount of new water added as the crystals will not evaporate or filter out.

Note: Do NOT use in aquariums with Catfish.

Note: The aquarium salt shown in the picture are in 200g and 400g containers. This 4kg Aquarium Salt is available in a clear plastic bag.


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