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Baraka Station Apple Tree Chews Fuji 50g| Enlarge

Baraka Station Apple Tree Chews Fuji 50g


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Baraka Station Apple Tree Chews Fuji 50g

Product Description

Baraka Station Apple Tree Treats are dried twiggy sticks that come off Apple Trees. Great for rabbits and guinea pigs to chew on. All Natural And have a sweet aroma of apples. Available in three varients, Royal Gala Apple, Fuji Apple & Mulberry. Each sold separately. Available in 50g Paper Packet 100% compostable.

Rabbits and guinea pigs with their constantly growing teeth need to chew to keep those teeth ground down and to keep mentally stimulated. Dental issues are one of the most common reasons for a visit to the vet. So chewing a lot and often is ideal but finding healthy, non-destructive ways to encourage chewing can be tricky. Yes, high quality grass hay is always good and should be available constantly. But wouldn't it be nice to offer something else that doesn't involve the furniture, the plastic coating on their enclosure, or the carpet?

Baraka Station chews are sourced from select Queensland family farms. Pruned in winter when the trees are dormant (June, July, August), they are softer and have more internal moisture through spring. For our guinea pigs here, this is definitely the most popular stage. As we move farther through the year, they firm up and offer a bigger chewing challenge. Remember your pet may have a time of year preference. 

Baraka Staton's farm sources are not certified organic (an expensive process for a family farm), but a chemical free product is extremely important to us. They actively manage that aspect of their supply to ensure their products are pure and healthy.  


Baraka Station are very picky when it comes to their high quality, Australian grown, often certified organic ingredients. This means many of their products are available seasonally or only until limited stocks from their property and trusted sources are exhausted. We invite you to enjoy exploring the changing varieties on offer as the year progresses.

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