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Buster Deshedder Hair Removal Brush Large| Enlarge

Buster Deshedder Hair Removal Brush Large


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Buster Deshedder Hair Removal Brush Large

Product Description

BUSTER Grooming tools offer a complete range of products for all cat and dog coat types. The premium quality and functional design of the BUSTER Grooming ensures an enjoyable and efficient experience in every stage of grooming.

Buster DeShedder Hair Removal Brush Large:

  • Removes a larger quantity of fur with less effort
  • Increases circulation and cuts down on the amount of fur that the pets ingest
  • Bring out the pet's natural oils, promoting healthier and shinny coat
  • Pull the De-Shedder gently through the coat in the direction of hair growth to remove loose undercoat.

For Long / Thick / Double Coats, Dogs and Cats!


Stand your pet on a mat or groom outdoors. 
Ensure you and your pet are comforable and relaxed before commencing grooming.
Regular grooming should be an enjoyable experience for pet and owner.


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