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Celltei Pak O Bird Medium/Large Bird Carrier Gold| Enlarge
  • Celltei Pak O Bird Medium/Large Bird Carrier Gold|
  • Celltei Pak O Bird Medium/Large Bird Carrier Gold|
  • Celltei Pak O Bird Medium/Large Bird Carrier Gold|

Celltei Pak O Bird Medium/Large Bird Carrier Gold


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Celltei Pak O Bird Medium/Large Bird Carrier Gold

Product Description

Celltei's Pak O Bird are the most innovative light-weight carriers for travel with pet birds in comfort and safety. They come in three standard sizes. For leisure walking, as a mobile home for short stay in friend's house or hotels, Pak-o-Birds make it all possible.  They can be carried as a front pouch, backpack, or shoulder bag for one or more birds. Let's include your feathery friends in the next trip!

Pak O Bird - Medium/Large is the recommended size for Amazons, Mini Macaws (including Severe Macaws  and Military Macaws) and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

Detachable parts include:

  • A pair of front/backpack strap
  • A shoulder strap
  • A pair of plastic support panels
  • A detachable plastic floor panel
  • A roof support aluminium bar
  • A base support aluminium tube
  • Two 5 oz stainless steel cups
  • one dragon wood perch is included

Dimensions: 33 x 31 x 56cm (13" L x 12" W x 22" H )

Perch Positions: 13cm, 18cm (5", 7")

Weight: approximately 3.0kg (including all detachable parts).

Fabric: 1680 Denier nylon

Lining: Grey color nylon

Mesh Type: Stainless Steel Mesh (Recommended for birds that love to chew and explore)

Color: Gold with silver reflective strip and black color trim


Note: When choosing a bird carrier size, The bird's size, its body-to-tail proportion, the type of activities, your statue and comfort are all important consideration in choosing the right size bird carrier. Please send us an email if you have any questions about this product.


Surface Material/Color:   1680-Denier Nylon in Gold color

Lining Material/Color:   210-Denier Nylon in Grey Color

Mesh Type:  Stainless Steel  (Stainless steel mesh is recommended for inquisitive birds that love to chew)

Ventilation:  In addition to a large mesh area on three sides (left, right and front), there is a "skylight" in the back.  A dense mesh is used to keep mosquitoes from entering the carrier and avoid the bird from chewing through the mesh.  Since 2008, a new stainless steel mesh with 54.8% of opening has been used, offering improved ventilation and better visibility for the owner to see the bird from outside.

Privacy:  Except for the "skylight" area, Pak-o-Bird can be covered completely by lowering the side curtains and the front window flap.

Carrying Method:  Pak-o-Bird can be carried in the front, on the back as well as on the shoulder.  There are two sets of triangular rings for securing the straps - the middle two rings are for the backpack position and the outer rings are for the front carrier position. All the straps are adjustable.  Since 2008, Pak-o-Bird can be turned into a stroller by adapting it to a foldable cart.

Entertainment and Chewing Issue:  Hang a bird toy or two to the D-rings on the support panels can keep the bird busy and away from chewing the carrier. To keep the toys from swinging widely and hitting the bird when the carrier is in motion , tie a string to the toy and thread the string to two small rings perpendicular to the large D-rings.  For the big chewers, add the optional wide panel set that covers the zipper and seam of the front window mesh. These panels can be unsnapped and replaced very easily.

Food and Water:  Each Pak-o-Bird comes with a dragon wood perch and two 5 oz. stainless steel cups for food and water.  A large grommet is on one side for inserting the dispensing valve or tube of a water bottle strapped on to the outside.

Safety and Comfort Features:  All zippers have an auto-lock device that stops the zipper from sliding without lifting the puller and prevents accidental escape.  Two loops or sleeves in the back allow the carrier to be strapped to the seat belt in the back seat or around the front passenger seat by a separate strap.  Two reflective strips on the front of the carrier make the carrier visible at night.  All metal fasteners used in the interior are made with no lead and zinc. The back of the carrier as well as the front/back straps are padded for your comfort.

Cleaning and Storage:  With the semi-rigid support panels and bars detached, the carrier can be unzipped and open up flat for a complete cleaning and easy storage.  For regular cleaning, detach the small corner flaps and unzip the side to remove the floor panel.  The carrier can be water-hosed inside out.

Maintenance:  Various reinforcements have been added to the carrier's structure to prevent the plastic inserts from warping over time.  To maintain the carrier's shape, when not in use, please unzip the entire carrier, detach the support panels and store it in a flat configuration.  Creases created on the stainless steel mesh are not reversible, please handle the mesh with care.

Pak-o-Birds was granted a patent and won two important awards in 2008:  
The Editor's Choice by Pet Products News International and Best In Show in the bird category at the 2008 Global Pet Expo by American Pet Products Association and more ...

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