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Chipsi Apple Wood Shavings Bedding 15 Litre (1kg)| Enlarge

Chipsi Apple Wood Shavings Bedding 15 Litre (1kg)


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Chipsi Apple Wood Shavings Bedding 15 Litre (1kg)

Product Description

The attractive mix of litter and scent

With CHIPSI plus Green Apple softwood chips / absorbent flake mixture, JRS offers an attractive, completely novel litter mixture, which is very effectiveand extremely absorbent.

CHIPSI plus Green Apple  is enriched with highly absorbent flakes especially for the home environment. They not only look interesting but are also responsible for the excellent absorbency of the litter mixture.

The addition of fresh, natural apple aroma means that bad smells are a thing of the past. 

Available in convenient 15L briquettes and in 60L packs.

  • strong, fresh apple scent
  • retains unpleasant odours
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