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Comfortis Dogs 2.3kg-4.5kg & Cats 1.4kg-2.7kg| Enlarge

Comfortis Dogs 2.3kg-4.5kg & Cats 1.4kg-2.7kg



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Comfortis Dogs 2.3kg-4.5kg & Cats 1.4kg - 2.7kg

Product Description

Comfortis® (spinosad) is the first FDA-approved, chewable, beef-flavored tablet for flea control in dogs and cats. Comfortis rapidly kills fleas and is intended for the treatment, prevention and control of flea infestations and for the control of flea allergy dermatitis in dogs and cats for one month following a single administration.

Give with a meal. DOG: Comfortis is a chewable tablet that is readily consumed by dogs when offered by the owner just prior to feeding. Alternatively, Comfortis may be offered in food or administered orally like other tablet medications. CAT: Some cats may accept Comfortis directly or mixed with food. Alerntatively, Comfortis may be administered orally like other tablet medications.

Comfortis has been demonstrated to be safe for Puppies and Kittens over 14 weeks of age.

Contents: 6 Tablets

Comfortis is:

  • Convenient. Easy to give, with no messy applications
  • Fast. Starts to kill fleas in 30 minutes — before they can lay eggs
  • Effective. Provides full flea protection for a full month
  • No need to isolate. With Comfortis, you can play with your dog immediately after treatment. No need to isolate from other household pets or children. Just treat and play.
  • No staining residue. Unlike some other flea treatments, Comfortis won't stain carpeting, upholstery or clothing.
  • No bath-time worries. Comfortis can't be washed, rubbed or shaken off while bathing, grooming or swimming.

Recommended Dosage Schedule:

  Body Weight (kg)*   Spinosad Tablets   Pack   
  Dogs    Cats   Per Tablet (mg)     Administered     Colour  
  2.3 - 4.5     1.4 - 2.7   140 One Pink
  4.6 - 9     2.8 - 5.4   270 One   Orange  
  9.1 - 18      5.5 - 11.2   560 One Green
   18.1 - 27   N/A   810  One Blue
  27.1 - 54    N/A   1620  One Brown

*Cats over 11.2 kg should be administered the appropriate combination of tablets.

Active Constituent: 

Each tablet contains 140mg spinosad.

Contents: 6 Tablets

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