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Continuum AquaBlade P Algae Scraper w/ Plastic Blade Short| Enlarge
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Continuum AquaBlade P Algae Scraper with Plastic Blade Short


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Continuum AquaBlade P Algae Scraper with Plastic Blade Short

Product Description

AquaBlade P is a Premium Algae Scraper for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. With its solid construction, safe for acrylic blades, and molded-in fiber glass handles, the Aqua Blade looks beautiful and works beautifully. This algae scraper is a convenient hand held unit that's great for smaller tanks. 

This AquaBlade Scraper comes with ONE plastic blade. Replacement plastic blades sold separately. 

Compatibility built-in

100% Backwards compatible with previous units. AquaBlade scraper fits the old blades, AquaBlade blades fit the old scraper.

No hollowness. No odour.

AquaBlade is injected molded as a solid piece of plastic which keeps water from entering the unit while using. This means no hollow handles and drizzling of excess water when removed from the aquarium. And without trapped aquarium water inside the scraper it will never develop odours from growing bactieria.

White Plastic

Allows you to see the scraper more easily through darker algae. This means you don't miss any spots the first time around the aquarium.

Strength and beauty.

By utilizing virgin plastic in the molding process instead of re-grind or recycled plastics, the AquaBlade is much stronger and more agile than other scrapers. The first time you pick up at AquaBlade you'll notice the difference it makes. It feels strong and durable - perfect for work inside your aquarium. 

Blades full of sharp ideas.

The AquaBlade cyan blade was created by testing countless different types of plastics and plastic blends. The results are a special self lubricating plastic that is softer than acrylic, so it will not scratch acrylic. 

Founded by marine aquarium hobbyist, engineer and long time aquarium products manufacturer Jack Kent, Continuum Aquatics, continues his quest for the most innovative, high quality aquarium products combined with excellence in customer service. Continuum Aquatics has developed a complete line of cutting edge chemical and nutritional supplements, vitamins and filtration media to maintain marine aquarium environments for the aquarium novice and for the most demanding hobbyist or public aquarium. Continuum products are thoroughly thought out, tediously tested, and made to the highest standards of quality.

Made in USA.

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