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Critter Care 500mL


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Critter Care 500mL

Product Description

Critter Care is an all-round cleaning solution to create a healthy habitat for your small animal.

It will not only breakdown the proteins and fats that are found in your small animal’s faeces, vomit, saliva and urine, but it will also effectively remove body oils and grease and organic soils from your pet’s bedding and general living environment. All natural, Non-toxic, non-irritating, 100% biodegradable & harmless to your pet, family and the environment.

Use CRITTER Care on: 

  • Rabbit hutches
  • Guinea Pig cages
  • Ferret enclosures
  • Small animal play pens
  • Travel carriers
  • Pet bedding

Direcions of use:

Simply spray / wipe on and let dry. If any hod odors persist then then Critter Care hasn't hit the source so please repeat treatment.


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