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Dream Baby Chelsea F170 Extra Wide Hallway Security Gate WHITE SALE HALF PRICE $82.50



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Dream Baby Chelsea F170 Extra Wide Hallway Security Gate

Product Description

Safety gates are a really important part of child and pet safety. They prevent children and pets from entering potentially hazardous areas of the home without permanently blocking them off. Gates are sturdy and long-lasting, can be used all over the home and are suitable for pets as well.

Dreambaby® Chelsea Xtra Hallway Security Gates are suitable for both the top and bottom of stairways, doorways and hallways. Pressure mounted installation means no screws or drilling! They are super easy to install, use and remove.

The Chelsea Xtra Hallway Security Gates are extra wide, making them perfect for large hallways, wide stairways and more.

  • Available in stylish white. 
  • Measure the opening before deciding on your Dreambaby® safety gate. 
  • A maximum of four extensions (two per side) can be used to extend openings up to 5.04m (198.5").
  • Block off areas of your home rather than having to move potentially dangerous objects out of reach. 
  • Too high for even the most highly spirited children to climb over and too difficult for them to open. 
  • Gates open both ways but can be set to stay open if needed. 
  • One-handed easy opening system. 

This security gate is suitable for openings between 97-108cm (38.1-42.5"). With optional extensions, they can fit openings up to 5.04m (198.5").

Product has some packaging wear on outside of box. Product inside brand new unused. Discounted 1/2 price.

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