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Dreamcloud Cat Scratching Post SP039G


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Dreamcloud Cat Scratching Post SP039G

Product Description

Cat Scratching Post SP039G is an inexpensive scratching post for cats and kittens. It features a carpet case with a sisal pole which continues into a semisphere on the base. A dangling pom pom is attached to a metal pole which hangs from inside the sisal pole. With the features SP039G contain, your cat will have the choice to scratch, play, file its nails, and stretch. 


Overall measures approx. 40cm W, 40cm D, 39cm Height

Pole height: 

Weight: 1.7kg

It features a carpet pole with sisal rope covering the upper half and a dangling pom pom toy erected on a sturdy carpet covered wooden board base. Your cat will have the option of rope and carpet, a place to stretch, scratch, file its nails and play.

Scratching and stretching are natural behaviours that are essential to your cat's well-being. Providing your kitty with a scratching post from an early age should prove to be a useful distraction from your beloved lounge and furnitures.

If your cat/kitten doesn't seem too interested in the scratching post at first, try sprinking a little catnip/catnip spray (sold separately) around the base. Cats can't resist its natural aroma, so she might end up giving the scratch post a go.

Comes in a box, ready for simple assembly with all instructions included.

Colour: Cream Sisal Rope on Grey Carpet 


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