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Elliotts Sulpha D 250mL


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Elliotts Sulpha D 250mL

Elliotts Sulpha D for the control and treatment of coccidiosis and enteritis in caged birds. NOT to be used in food producing species of birds.

Directions for Use :

Restraints : Do NOT use in birds intended for human consumption.

Canaries etc ; 2 drops direct to the beak 3 times a day and 10 drops per 30mL of drinking water for 7 to 10 days.

Parrots etc; 3 to 4 drops direct to beak 3 times a day and 12 drops per 30mL of drinking water for 7 to 10 days.

General Instructions : 

Use only glass or plastic drinking containers. Sulpha D does not affect fertility of birds and may be given in the drinking water once a week - 25mL per litre of water - as a preventative for diarrhoea.

Do not use in birds produced for eggs or meat.

Active Constituent :
70g/L Sulfadimidine.

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