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Fido's Flea Bomb 125g


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Fido's Flea Bomb 125g

Product Description

Use Fido's Flea Bomb to kill adult and pre-adult fleas to prevent them from maturing, thus breaking the breeding cycle. 

  • An insecticide fogger which contains Permethrin to kill adult fleas
  • Contains the long acting IGR Methoprene which prevents fleas from breeding for up to 9 months
  • A 125g can treats 2 average rooms (50m2)
  • Controls adult and pre-adults fleas in both commercial and domestic situations


Remove pets from house. Shake well before use. Close all outside doors and turn of fans and air-conditioners and treat whole house. A 125g can treats an average of 2 rooms. After two hours, open windows and doors for thirty minutes. Pets can be brought back home after at least two hours. Repeat every nine months or as needed. 

Active Ingredients

Permethrin 5g/kg, Methoprene 1.5g/kg

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