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  • Green Parrot Toy TIDAL WAVE|Bird Toy, Parrot Toy

Green Parrot Bird Toy TIDAL WAVE



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Green Parrot Bird Toy TIDAL WAVE

Product Description

Green Parrot Toy Tidal Wave is a natural chew/play toy for your beloved feathered friend. This bird toy features a steel skewer threaded with numerous natural loofah blocks to encourage natural chewing behaviors which are essential for a happy and healthy bird. With the addition of a bell to help stimulate all your birds natural senses. This unique bird toy inspired by the ocean will keep your bird active and engaged for hours. This bird toy is ideal for small to medium birds including Conures, Lorikeets, Alexandrines, Indian Ringnecks to Galahs, Eclectus, Amazons and African Greys. This bird toy is easy to hang inside your enclosure with a steel link.

*Swap toys on a weekly basis to keep your birds mind active and engaged with life. 

*Always supervise bird while playing with toys.

*Use correct size toy for your bird.

*Remove toy if damaged.

Suitable for:

Small Parrots such as Budgies, Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conure, Scaly Lorikeet & other similar sized birds.

Medium Parrots such as Indian Ringnecks, Alexandrine, Sun Conure, Rainbow Lorikeet & other similar sized birds.


 Green Parrot Toy TIDAL WAVE measures approx. 11cm Wide x 20cm High (when hanging).


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