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Green Parrot OTropo Mix 1.8kg


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Green Parrot OTropo Mix 1.8kg

Product Description

Green Parrot OTropo Mix is a High Quality Australian Made Super Food for Birds. Utilising a range of Natural and Organic ingredients, Green Parrot OTropo Mix will compliment any pelleted or fresh produce bird diet. The OTropo formulation includes a range of Human Grade dried tropical fruits including Organic Mango, Organic Papaya, Organic Dried Green Apple Wedges, Banana Chips and Goji berries. In addition to slow release complex carbohydrate grains such as Puffed Brown Rice, Rolled Triticale, Puffed Buckweat & Rolled Oats. Also added is a variety of nuts providing essential oils and fats & rounded out with Natural bird pellets which complete the mix, providing essential vitamins and minerals. With its mouth watering Aroma your bird will go WILD for this 100% natural bird food.

Feeding Directions:

1. Best served in its own bowl for 24/hr access

2. Can be mixed together with bird pellets or bird seed blends.

3. Can be used as a treat or supplemental feeding

Birds often eat early morning before you wake up, so making sure their food is topped up at night which will allow your bird to eat at its natural time, early as the sun rises. Make sure fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Made In Australia


Nut Mix (including Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Peanuts), Rolled Oats, Rolled Triticale, Raisins, Currants, Pepitas, Diced Dates, Natural Bird Pellets, Organic Dried Pineapples, Organic Dried Mango, Organic Dried Apples, Natural Banana Chips, Organic Puffed Buckwheat, Puffed Brown Rice, Pepitas, Organic Dried Goji Berries, Organic Dried Papaya, Dried Natural Paw Paw, Sunflower kurnels. Ingredients may vary seasonally.

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