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HayPigs Circus Treat Ball


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HayPigs Circus Treat Ball

Product Description

Circus Treat Ball™ brings interaction, stimulation and play to Guinea Pigs and other small animals. It's the world's first 3-in-1 treat ball containing extra features for more fun. The Circus Treat Ball™ can be used independently by separating the two hemispheres or as a whole when the hemispheres are joined together. Six star-shaped holes allow treats to fall out, keeping your small pet active and healthy. When using the Treat Ball independently, you can hide treats underneath for your furry friends to find or wedge fresh vegetables into the star holes as an advanced feeding challenge. Allowing your Guinea Pig or small pet to forage for their food is natural behaviour and is highly stimulating. 

  • Encourages natural behaviour
  • Three forms of play
  • Stimulates your pet and keeps them active


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