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Joy Finch & Canary Daily Seed Supplement 250g


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Joy Finch & Canary Daily Seed Supplement

A Premium Selection of Australian Grown grass, vegetable oils and seeds for finches, canaries and small birds.

Directions: Use as a treat to supplement regular food. Feed one teaspoon per bird, two or three times a week. Increase during colder months and moulting. Can be mixed with regular food but best served in a seperate dish. Diet can also be supplemented with fruit such as apples, oranges, silverbeet and even dandelions. Birds should always have access to clean fresh water.

Made in Australia

Canary Seed, Linseed, Niger seed, Poppy seed, Panicum Seed, Rape seed, White French Millet, Japanese Millet, Parsley, Rye Grass Seed. Ingredients may vary seasonally.

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