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Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit


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Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit

The Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit is designed to help get your puppy used to being groomed and to make this an enjoyable event for both of you. 

Ideal for the new puppy owner, this kit includes a fine grooming comb, flea comb and slicker brush.

  • Helps you to build a bond with your puppy
  • Introduces your puppy to pamper sessions so grooming becomes enjoyable
  • Contains a Slicker Brush, Comb & Flea Comb
  • New and improved handle on both the Slicker Brush & Anti-tangle Comb
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Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit

Product Description

Congratulations on the latest addition to your family: a new puppy. With lots of fun and exciting adventures ahead for both you and your pet, the one guarantee about your puppy is that he will get into ... everything! 

Grooming your puppy should become a regular part of your daily routine, for both you and your puppy. It not only allows you to build up your bond with your puppy by giving him extra pampering but also gives you the opportunity to notice any changes in your puppy's well being.

The grooming products in this kit are the basic tools you will require, but are only the start of your collection. It is a good idea for both you and your puppy to familiarise yourselves with the products before using them. Ensuring both you and your puppy are comfortable prior to starting rooming, will help prevent the grooming experience from becoming stressful. Holding your puppy firmly but gently, start with the Slicer Brush, then the Comb and finally the Flea Comb.

Rubber Slicker Brush

Made from soft and flexible rubber pins, which pass through the coat removing any loose or dead hair. THe rubber slicker brush is ideal for use during bath-times. The curved back of the slicker ensures that a natural grooming action is used, which helps alleviate any unnecessary pressure whilst grooming. Start at the head and work your way down the puppy's body.


Combing yoru puppy should ideally follow on from brushing as the chief purpose of combing is to find and remove any stubborn matts and tangles left in the coat after brushing. Never pull on a matt or tangle, as this may cause unncessary stress to your pet, always try and break matts and tangles down.

Flea Comb

As fleas are found all year round the flea comb is an essential tool for checking for fleas and flea dirt. It should be used as part of flea control program, where the puppy and other pets, and the house are treated regularly. Use the flea comb last as the extra fine teeth may get caught in your puppy's fur, causing unncessary discomfort if you haven't removed any matts and tangles that may be in her coat.

Regular grooming helps teach your puppy to be relaxed when being handled and prevents any knots or tangles getting out of hand.


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