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Optimum Healthy Weight Management Wet Can 700g


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Optimum Healthy Weight Management Wet Can 700g

For overweight adult dogs 1 years +

Some dogs are naturally prone to putting on excess weight, while other dogs lead a more sedentary life than nature intended. Dogs at high risk of becoming overweight should be fed a diet that has controlled energy intake whilst still maintaining the correct balance of other essential nutrients to lead a healthy life.

OPTIMUM® Healthy Weight Management wet product has been developed to help manage your dog's weight without compromising on taste and nutrient uptake.
OPTIMUM® Healthy Weight Management wet product can be fed on its own or mixed with OPTIMUM® Light and Mature dry formula to give your dog a perfectly balanced meal with all the additional nutrients they need for a happy and healthy life.

OPTIMUM® Healthy Weight Management is available in Chicken and Rice in a 700g can.

HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OPTIMUM® Healthy Weight Managementis designed to reduce fat and calorie intake at meal times and to help your dog's body reduce weight naturally. Meal time is important for you and your dog, so theOPTIMUM® formulation does not compromise on the enjoyment or uptake of essential vitamins and minerals.


OPTIMUM® Healthy Weight Management contains a patented blend of antioxidants including vitamin E, C and taurine. This blend has been shown to help strengthen the immune system, and keep your dog healthy by helping to reduce the oxidative stress on your dog's cells.


Carefully selected vegetable fibres act as a prebiotic promoting healthy bacteria in the gut, resulting in fewer, firm stools.

The added taurine in OPTIMUM® will help maintain a healthy heart and eyes.


The OPTIMUM® range delivers a healthier, shinier coat because it contains a blend of zinc and linoleic acid (found in vegetable oil).


From quality Australian and imported ingredients, OPTIMUM® Healthy Weight Management contains no added artificial flavours or preservatives. We all know the fresher and more natural food is, the better it is for us - and our pets.

Meat (lamb, chicken, beef and pork); rice; gelling agents; minerals; vegetable fibre; vegetable oil; natural flavours (including garlic); antioxidants (including marigold meal); vitamins (including E, B group and D).


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