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Oster Golden A5 DUAL Speed Clipper



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Oster Golden A5 Dual Speed Clipper

Product Description

The Oster Golder A5 Duel Speed Clipper is the longest and number 1 selling professional pet clipper of all time. Golden A5® is so powerful it can get through tougher coats with ease without pulling on hair. It's suitable for touch-ups between professional grooming, full body clipping, heavy matted and tangled hair. It's important to groom your pets often to remove dead hair, dander or debris.

If your pet hasn't experienced having their coat clipped, it's important to let them examine the clipper beforehand to reduce any anxieties. Regular grooming will allow your pet to become more comfortable while being groomed.

Bath and brush your pet before clipping to extent the longetivity of your clipper. 

Clipper has two speeds. Use medium speed for precise clipping and high speed for all-round body clipping.

  • Reliable
  • Heavy Duty
  • Tough on all coat types

Includes: Dual Speed Golden A5® Clipper with size 10 Cryogen-X™ Blade, Blade Guard, Blade Oil, Clipper Grease, Cleaning Brush and Instructions

3 year warranty



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