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Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding Natural 28L


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Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding Natural 28L

Product Description

Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding provide the utmost comfort and hygiene bedding for all your small animal. Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding is made of 100% pure, never-printed paper to create a clean, safe, and ultra-soft bedding material for pets of all sizes. Pure Comfort bedding offers exceptional odor control and moisture absorption, making cleanup easy. 

  • Odour Absorbent to minimize pet odours
  • Moisture Absorbent for easy cleanup
  • 99.9% Dust Free
  • Pure, Never-printed Paper Bedding that is soft, hygienic and safe

Recommended for all small animals including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Rodents.

28 Litre Bag (1709 cu in)

Super Aborbent - Pure, Comfort traps up to 800% of its weight in moisture for excellent absorbency and odour control.

Direction for Use:

Place 1-3 inches of Pure Comfort bedding on the floor of your pet's enclosure. Check daily for soiled areas. Remove and replace all bedding at least once a week, or more frequently as needed.* 

*Maintaining a clean living environment is vital to your pet's health. Keep a asanitary living area to prevent respiratory health issues related to ammonia build up from urine. If you suspect your pet is experiencing bedding-related health concerns, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian immediately.

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