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Penn Plax Cement & Acrylic Parrot Swing Large| Enlarge

Penn Plax Cement & Acrylic Parrot Swing Large


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Penn Plax Cement & Acrylic Parrot Swing Large

Your bird will love passing the time while swinging in this styling swing. Its colorful acrylic frame is complimented by a cement perch, which has been enriched with crushed seashells for added calcium. 

Naturally trims your birds nails and beak. A 100% cotton rope has been attached for added fun. Manufacturer ships this product in assorted colors, so actual color may differ from image.


Small: Approx. 14cmH x 10.5cmW x 2.5cm Diameter Perch. For parakeets & other small birds. 
Medium: Approx. 20.5cmH x 16cmW x 3.0cm Diameter Perch. For cockatiels & other medium sized birds. 
Large: Approx. 30cmH x 21.5cmW x 4.5cm Diameter Perch. For small parrots & large birds.
XLarge: Approx. 39.5cmH x 27.5cmW x 5.7cm Diameter Perch. For parrots & large birds.

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