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Prevue Hendryx Quiet Me Bird Training Toy


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Prevue Hendryx Quiet Me Bird Training Tool

Prevue Hendryx Quiet Me is a safe and effective Training Tool to help calm your bird. Quiet me is innovative and humane which works by interrupting bad behaviours and distracting birds through a powerful light sequence of flashes. The captivating light pulse captures your bird’s attention and diffuses unwarranted bird behaviours such as squawking, feather plucking & tantrums.

Quiet Me should be used outside the cage and can be activated by the button on the top or the handheld remote. It is best to use quiet me with the remote, so your bird doesn’t associate it with your physical presence.

Quiet Me is a training aid, therefore time must be spent working with your bird and the device to get the required results.

Light Sequence: 2 seconds ON, 1 second OFF, repeats four times

Handheld Remote: Can toggle between two modes:

  • AUTO (2 sec. ON, 1 sec. OFF, repeats four times)
  • MANUAL (2 sec. ON, 1 sec. OFF, for as long as activation button on the Remote is held down)

Includes: Main unit, USB charging cable and handheld remote (batteries included)


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