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Reptile One Bearded Dragon Starter Kit



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Reptile One Bearded Dragon Starter Kit

Product Description

Reptile One Bearded Dragon Starter Kit contains everything you need to care for your Bearded Dragon. This kit includes essential accessories and information needed so that you can provide the best care your pet. Bearded Dragons should always have access to a basking spot and cooling area inside their terrarium. Temperatures should range from 24-26°C in the unheated area and a top of 35°C in their warm, basking area. Always use your Thermostat provided to check the temperature in your lizard’s enclosure. Temperature should never drop below 21°C. Provide a dome or rock in the terrarium so that your lizard is able to escape the heat. 

Kit Includes:


2 x 100W Dome Reflectors

Directs light and heat produced by a heat lamp towards an intended basking site

2 x Lamp Holders

Ensures for a secure mountain point for your heat lamp on numerous surfaces

1 x 10.0 UVB 26W Compact Lamp

Produces UVA and UVB spectra found in sunlight to provide Vitamin D3. Encourages feeding, healthy growth and breeding

1 x 100W Infrared Heat Lamp

Provides soft light output while proving the optimum heat conditions

1 x 7W Heat Mat

Contains a built-in thermal safety cut off to ensure it won't overheat

2 x Corner Dishes for food and water

Tough and sturdy corner bowls that blend into environment

1 x Build N Bask basking ornament

Stimulates instinctive basking and climbing behaviour

1 x EziStat Digital Thermostat

Easy to use device that accurately controls temperature inside your terrarium. Controls up to a maximum of 400 watts to various heating sources


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