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Rogue Royalty Smooth & Soothe Shampoo 500mL


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Rogue Royalty Smooth & Soothe Shampoo 500mL

Product Description

Rogue Royalty Smooth & Soothe Shampoo is a pure, natural, calming and soothing blend that gently cleansers without irritating or stripping the coat and skin. Smooth & Soothe Shampoo deep leans, rejuvenates and protects with essential oils to leave a glossy, natural shine without harsh chemicals.

Suitable and safe for Dogs, Horses & Humans.

Australian made. Cruelty Free Product.

Directions for Use:

Apply shampoo onto damp or dry coat of pet. Work shampoo into pet's coat until a lather is formed. Be sure that the entire pet is treated, including all hard to reach areas, such as paws. Rinse animal thoroughly then dry. When ticks are present, wait five minutes before rinsing and drying. Repeat as necessary. Can also be used topically by rubbing onto coat/skin and rinsing after 30 minutes. 

No Parabens - No Syndets - No Preservatives.

Did you know whatever you apply to your pets outer seeps into the bloodstream within seconds?

Rogue Royalty are sincerley committed to producing the best quality products and the same applies to all of their range of natural products. Their special herbal pet shampoo blends have been formulated for the ever increasing number of animal skin and coat ailments. Their natural shampoos provide a safe, gentle, NATURAL option for customers. The shampoo is gentle, completely safe, natural and contains no synthetic chemicals or surfactants like so many other commercial dog shampoos.



Rogue Royalty Smooth & Soothe is an infusion of plant extracts and oils including Coconut, Lavender, Tea Tree, Olve and Tamanu Nut oils.

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