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Simple Solution Female Washable Diaper Small| Enlarge

Simple Solution Washable Diaper Small


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Simple Solution Washable Diaper Small

Product Description

Simple Solution Washable Diaper is now available with a more absorbent core. Made with microfiber, it is a great relief for your dog during summers. It's a great solution for both male and female dogs and also for puppies that are not quite housebroken. Simple Solution Washable Diaper is a product that is made to be used during heat, incontinence and urination out of excitement. It is easy to wash and dry.

For heavy seasonal flow or more serious cases or urination, simply attach a Simple Solution Diaper Liner to the products built-in mesh liner.

Sizing Chart

XXS Tiny Puppies, Smallest Toy Breeds UP to 2 kg 8-12in (20-30cm)
XS Young Puppies, Toy Breeds 2-4kg 9-14in (22-35cm)
S Pekingese, Maltese 4-7kg 12-19in (30-48cm)
M Beagle, Miniature Poodle 7-16kg 15-23in (38-58cm)
L Basset Hound, Bull Terrier 16-25kg 18-27in (45-68cm)
XL Germand Shepherd, Dalmatian 25-40kg 22-35in (56-89cm)
XXL Great Dane, Saint Bernard 40-53kg 25-40in (63-102cm)

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