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Sprenger Stainless Steel Chain 3.0mm x 50cm| Enlarge

Sprenger Stainless Steel Chain 3.0mm x 50cm


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Sprenger Stainless Steel Chain 3.0mm x 50cm

Product Description

There are a number of very important reasons why we use stainless steel for the production of our chains, although the material and manufacturing process are considerably more expensive.
Stainless Steel has several important advantages over normal steel, especially in coastal areas or in humid conditions, where normal steel is prone to rust more easily.
There are also many dogs that love water and dogs that are constantly in contact with water such as working dogs in police and defence departments. customs service or dogs used for hunting. Many dogs just love the beach and swimming in the sea.
Constant contact with water especially salt water will have a dulling effect on the plating and a normal steel chain will become rough and lead to rusting. This cannot happen when you use Stainless Steel chains.
Stainless Steel chains have a much longer life span and a very high breaking strength providing better security for your dog..
All Sprenger Stainless Steel chains have the protected HS-Germany metal label with the shiny red spot attached and all rings are embossed with HS_Germany.


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