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Sweet Feet & Beak Pedicure Perch Small| Enlarge

Sweet Feet & Beak Pedicure Perch Small


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Sweet Feet & Beak Pedicure Perch Small

For use with Conures, Lories, Cockatiels, and other similar size birds

Sweet Feet & Beak concrete perches have been approved by pet owners, veteranarians, and bird breeders and has been found to trim the nails of all birds and stimulate leg muscles and healthy feet.  The beak conditioner was found to keep the bird's beak in a naturally healthy state of trim and also simulate activity in the wild.

  • Will keep your bird's feet and beak healthy and make your bird a healthier pet or breeder
  • Colour is throughout and not painted on.
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
For best results, postion slightly above your bird's normal perch to assure optimum usage.

Available in assorted colours. This perch measures 23m Long x 2.5cm Wide.

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