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TetraVeggie Cichlid Pellets Small 55g


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TetraVeggie Cichlid Pellets Small 55g

Product Description

* 2-in-1 concentrated algae and staple diet for aquarium cichlids
* Balanced diet for algae-eating cichlids maximizes healthy growth
* Proprietary extrusion technology unites two aquarium fish foods in one pellet

Algae-enhanced staple nutrition means herbivorous cichlids receive what they need. TetraVeggie Cichlid Pellets revolutionize cichlid nutrition with a proprietary extrusion technology. Concentrated algae food and a staple cichlid diet are united for 2-in-I nutrition you see! This aquarium industry first streamlines feeding regimen of algae-eating aquarium cichlids by eliminating the need to purchase separately a staple cichlid diet AND an algae-enhanced diet.

TetraVeggie Cichlid Pellets are formulated with "Optimal Health Blend" that includes precise amounts of select vitamins and nutrients to support fish immune system. Highly attractive floating pellets provide unparalleled dietary diversity for quality nutrition your cichlids will want to eat. Does not cloud aquarium water.

TetraVeggie Cichlid Pellets are available in different sizes and are ideal for all top and mid-water feeding cichlids


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