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Trouble & Trix Bliss Balls 3 Pack Cat Toy


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Trouble & Trix Bliss Balls 3 Pack Cat Toy

rouble & Trix Bliss Balls are colourful cube balls made from the softest plush fabric, made for cats and kittens alike. This toy creats a crinkle noise inside as the cats nibble, scratch and play with it.

These Bliss Balls measures approximately 5cm each side.

Catnip, a natural herb, is a member of the mint family and its mild aroma is irresistible to most cats. It produces a short term euphoric feeling which is completely harmless. It turns them into playful kittens, giving hours of healthy, happy fun.

Trouble & Trix's unique range of natural catnip toys has a special toy to suite every type of cat and kitten - keeping even the most fussy amused and out of mischief.

Dual Play: Encourages play between you and your cat. Spend time teasing your cat, satisfying its need to exercise hunting instincts while building a special bond.

Noisy: Cats are attracted to noises - crinkles, bells and rattles are sure to capture their attention.

Textured: Cats are attracted to movement and touch, feathers, knitted materials and other different tetures will allow your cat to explore, and experience different touches.

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