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Vetafarm Origins FESCUE Hay Mini Bale


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Vetafarm Origins Fescue Hay Mini Bale

Product Description

Vetafarm Origins Fescue Hay Mini Bale is High fibre, low protein, low calcium - The perfect hay for healthy rabbits. 

Fibre Rich Fescue hay is sourced from the Riverina region of NSW. It is freshly cut to ensure a rich aroma and unbeatable taste. 

Being naturally low in protein and high in fibre, Fescue hay replicates the type of food Rabbits eat naturally. The high levels of fibre maintain healthy rabbit teeth and contribute to overall digestive wellbeing. 

  • Stimulates the digestive system of rabbits
  • Aromatic and fresh
  • Low calcium, low protein and high fibre
  • Maintains dental health and normal wear of teeth
  • Clean, convenient and compact
  • Supports Australian farmers
  • Bale weight approx 1-1.2kg

Fresh Australian Fescue Hay

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