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Vetex Antiseptic Cream 100g


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Vetex Antiseptic Cream 100g

A soft soothing antiseptic cream for use on cuts, abrasions, and skin conditions including insect bites, stings, fungal infections, septic sores, and wounds in dogs, cats and horses.  Soothes itching conditions when skin is dry and scaly, with an emollient effect. 

Contains oils to prevent water loss from the wound and maintain the moisture balance within the injured, lacerated or grazed skin surface.  Citronella Oil imparts a mild insect repelling action over the affected area.  When applied thickly, Vetex Antiseptic Cream protects from invasive dirt and bacteria entering the wound. Mild, non-staining, andmoisturising. 

Active Constituents 

• Melaleuca Oil 50mL/kg

• Citronella Oil 5mL/kg

Directions for Use 

Apply to affected part twice daily.

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