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Ware Critter Apple Trace Mineral Lick 56g| Enlarge

Ware Critter Apple Trace Mineral Lick 56g


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Ware Critter Apple Trace Mineral Lick 56g

Product Description

Combination of Tasty Treat & Nutritious Supplement. Provides essential salt in a fun and tasty shape.

  • Long lasting
  • Promotes good health
  • Helps balance pet's diet
  • Satisfies the natural craving for salt and minerals

Provide your pet with a clean sanitary supply of chew treats plus a fun playtime activity.

Watch as your pet nibbles and gnaws to fulfill the instinctive need to chew and nibble.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Salt                       92(min) - 97(max)%
Iron (min)                                 0.100%
Magnesium (min)                       0.010%
Sulfur                   0.2(min) - 0.4(max)%
Copper (min)                             0.025%
Cobalt (min)                              0.010%
Zinc (min)                                  0.008%
Iodine (min)                               0.007%

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