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Zoo Max Ring Game Medium


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Zoo Max Ring Game Medium

Product Description

Training method of the games . Skill and dexterity Skill, colours and numbers The Ring Game requires the bird to use the knowledge that it acquired with level 1 and 2, colours and numbers. With the Ring Game, your bird will develop its skills and its dexterity to manipulate objects with precision. The Ring Game offers two different possibilities (games) plus all the games that you will invent with time. The Ring Game consists of a base, 4 pegs and 4 series of coloured rings. With the pegs, there are different coloured rings: (RED, BLUE, GREEN and YELLOW) on the base. Before starting the game, it is important that the bird pay attention to these rings at the base of the pegs. In order to do it, use the COMMAND: Touch the RED, putting the emphasis on the colour RED. The bird succeeds. TIE / REWARD. You repeat this exercise many times alternating the colours: Touch the BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN and RED. Once the bird knows the colours very well, you can start playing. 

Measures approximately 17cm L x 7.5cm W x 8cm H.

Acrylic Thickness 0.4cm

Comes with full instructions.

Zoo Max's Ring Game is intended for all pet bird owners wishing to deepen the relationship with their parrot, while teaching the animal a multitude of educational and distracting games. The parrot is a very intelligent animal that is rapidly bored when lacking stimulating interactions with a companion or a social group (the companion being you, and the social group your family). The parrot needs to take part in interactive activities in order to feel like a full memeber of the community. 

Zoo Max's Ring Game allows the parrot lover to have fun with his bird while stimulating the animal to develop its curiosity, its intelligence, its faculty to reason, its attention, its intellectual and physical ability, and as a bonus, it gives the pet owner the opportunity to acquire more patience. 

The aim of the activity is for you to have quality time with your bird, and for the animal to become aware of its importance in your eyes. Now go ahead, have fun with your bird!

Country of Origin: Canada

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