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Aqua One Ammonia Pad (Self Cut)


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Aqua One Ammonia Pad (Self Cut)

Product Description

Aqua One Ammonia Pad, previously known as Zeo Pad, Neutralizes toxic ammonia in the water and Purifies water.

Ammonia can be extremely toxic and high levels place fish under stress. The biological cycle of your aquarium where excess food, faecal matter, urea and fish respiration results in the natural generation of Ammonia (NH3). It becomes lethal to aquatic animals in high concentrations robbing the aquarium water of oxygen. Keeping Ammonia under control is very important.

With the aid of this Aqua One filter pad will help to ensure your aquatic pets live long, happy and healthy lives.

Suitable for Freshwater, tropical and coldwater use. Not for use in Marine tanks.

Aqua One Filter Pads give the user the ability to cut and shape their pads to suit any filtration systems.

Replace every 4-6 weeks.

Ammonia Pad measures 25.4cm W x 45.7cm H.

Active Ingredients:

100% Zeolite

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