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Bird Perches

What is a Bird Perch

A perch is a crucial accessory for any bird as it provides a comfortable and stable platform for them to perch on, exercise, sleep and play. Bird perches come in many different shapes and sizes, so choosing the correct perch for your bird will ensure they are happy, healthy, and entertained. Whether you opt for a bird perch that screws onto the cage or freestanding bird stands, ensure it is the right size and material for your bird. We have many to choose from including natural wood, concrete, calcium, heated, rope and plastic perches.

Choosing the Right Stand for Your Feathered Friend

When choosing a bird perch, you must consider the size and type of bird you have. The wrong size perch can cause discomfort or injury to your bird's feet. You want to avoid having too many of the same size wooden dowel perches as it makes the bird work too hard and can cause long term feet problems. Having different shapes and sizes stimulates a more natural environment, allowing the bird to exercise their feet and choose what is comfortable for them. Another option is the bird rope perch made of a soft, flexible material that is easy on your bird's feet. They are perfect for birds who enjoy climbing and playing. Freestanding bird perches are popular for bird owners as they are versatile and easy to move around. For colder months, a heated bird perch can help keep your bird warm and comfortable. Concrete and calcium perches are shaped ergonomically and are ideal from trimming down your birds nails and beak.

Items to Consider for Your Happy Bird

It is important to have a range of accessories in your bird cage in order to have a happy and healthy bird. Some birds prefer natural wood items, while others prefer plastic or metal ones. A mix of different items can provide your bird with various textures and surfaces to exercise on. You can find bird baths, bird carriers, and bird feeders in our online store. If you need items for hygiene, you can choose among the many disinfectant and cleaners products or even bird medications.


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