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Bird Carriers

Carriers for Birds

A bird carrier is essential for transporting birds comfortably and securely, whether you're taking them to the vet or traveling with them. There are different types of bird carriers, including bird backpacks, carrier cages and smaller box carriers. The type of carrier you choose will depend on your bird's size, the distance you're traveling, and your mode of transportation.

Carriers for Travel

A bird travel carrier is an item that most bird lovers need to have. They are ideal for trips to the vet, emergency situations or when taking them on holidays. The bird carrier backpack is ideal for most situations and often come fitted with everything you need like a perch and bowls for food and water. They come in different sizes, so you can choose one that best fits your bird. The bird carrier backpack is designed with breathable material to keep your bird comfortable during the trip. Some backpacks also have adjustable straps to ensure it is comfortable for long trips. If you have a smaller bird like a budgie then you may like the Trixie Bird Carriers which are ideal for shorter trips.

Carrier Cages

A bird carrier cage is the best option for longer car trips or flights. These sturdy and secure cages provide ample space for your bird to move around. They also come with a perch for the bird to rest on during the trip. Most travel cages are designed with handles or wheels for easy transport and can be collapsed for convenient storage. They are an essential accessory for any bird owner. Whether traveling with your bird or taking them to the vet, a bird travel carrier ensures that your bird is safe and comfortable during the journey. If you're planning to travel with your bird, we have the right accessories with you, for instance, bird harnesses, cage tidies & covers, or bird rings & bands.

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