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Cat Treats

Spoil Your Fluffball

Like all cat owners, you love your kitty and want to ensure their happiness. Cat treats can be tools to improve your cat's behaviour or for teaching them some new tricks. They can also be delicious snacks that your bundle of joy can enjoy while strengthening the bond between you and your kitty. Your cat deserves only the best, and our high-quality treats ensure they get this. After a long day of sleeping and doing nothing, your cat needs a well-deserved break, so our treats can be just what you need to enhance your friend's happiness.

Are You Looking for Something Specific?

Our website is home to some of the most renowned cat food and treats manufacturers in the Australian marketplace. Did you want to improve your cat’s dental health while giving them a treat they will enjoy? Then Greenies cat treats are what you need. Fit and Flash offer 100% natural dried cat treats in a variety of flavours your cat will be sure to love. Spoil your cat with the crunchy texture and unique flavours of Temptations and Trouble & Trix cat treats. Our offerings are constantly updated to include the latest products and accessories relevant to your pet.

You Want It, and We Have It

All the cat treats your cat has ever wanted are available on Pet Shop Direct. But our constantly updated collections don't stop here. Do you own fish, and want to update their home? If so, you might like our fish tank ornaments or air pump selection. Or you may want hoses or high-quality fish nets to help maintain it. Whatever accessories you want to find, for any animals you may have, we stock them

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