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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food

What Do Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Eat?

As owners of rabbits and guinea pigs, it's essential to understand their dietary needs to ensure they live long and happy lives. Rabbits are herbivores and thrive on a diet of hay, fresh vegetables, and small amounts of pellets. Guinea pigs are also herbivores and require a similar diet of grass, vegetables, and specially formulated guinea pig pellets. Feeding your rabbit or guinea pig the right balance of these foods is essential for their health.

You can regularly supplement their diet with fresh greens and fruits to provide them with essential vitamins and minerals. To help you stock up on the food you need for your little friends, we offer a wide range of high-quality rabbit & guinea pig food from well-known brands to cater to your pet's nutritional needs. Our experienced staff are always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have about feeding your rabbit or guinea pig.

Explore Our Range of Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food

We only stock premium trusted brands such as Oxbow, Burgess, Vetafarm and Supreme Selective to give you peace of mind when feeding your furry friend. Our rabbit and guinea pig pellets are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of these little animals, ensuring they receive a balanced diet.

Why Choose Us as Your Pet Food Supplier?

At Pet Shop Direct, we pride ourselves on promoting a healthy and balanced diet for pets of all ages. Our wide range of high-quality rabbit & guinea pig food, combined with our expert advice, makes us the go-to destination for pet owners. You can browse our store for our full range of pet treats, including BIOpet cat food, Pedigree, Advance, and Enduro dog food, bird seeds, fish flakes, and more. Don't settle for less; choose Pet Shop Direct for all your rabbit and guinea pig food needs. Order now and provide your pet with the nutrition they deserve!


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