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Water Test Kits

Discover Problems Before They Become Dangerous

When it comes to the health of our fish, prevention is the best medicine. Purchasing a water test kit allows you to constantly monitor your aquarium's water parameters and enables you to make the necessary changes to ensure your fish's well-being. A water test kit manufactured by a reputable manufacturer could detect fluctuations in the PH balance of the water, identify dangerous accumulations of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. A complete test kit which tests the most important parameters can be an essential product in any fish tank owners’ supplies.

Prevent Awful Diseases

The wrong aquarium water composition is the main factor in the occurrence of sick fish. Water test kits can help you maintain excellent water quality, keeping your fish and your tank healthy. Are you looking for a quality fish tank water test kit? If so, Pet Shop Direct is the right place to be. We have dozens of professional water testing kits in stock, in multiple tried and tested brands. Our product selection is constantly updated to keep up with the latest market trends and technological innovations. An aquatic testing kit can be the most effective way to prevent problems with your aquarium, and Pet Shop Direct can be the ideal partner to provide you with the necessary equipment.

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Our website is ideal for finding accessories designed for your diverse range of pets. Are you the owner of a hermit crab? Then you'll need an enclosure that will allow it the space it needs. Have you adopted a possum that still needs mother care? Then you might be interested in our possum milk replacers. Are you looking forward to travelling with your cat? Then perhaps our cat travel accessories are to your taste. And the same applies if you need a dog carrier. Our website is the perfect destination for all your pet needs, and we are constantly working to ensure your highest satisfaction.

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